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Bill's Dirty Shorts

  • 豆瓣评分: 8.5
  • 导演: Bill Plympton
  • 语言:英语
  • 地区:美国
  • 上映时间:2001-12-01
  • 片长:未知
  • 更新时间:
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Bill's Dirty Shorts原名:Bill's Dirty Shorts,

A collection of Bill Plympton’s newest naughty shorts. Contains 80 minutes of material from the years 1997 to 2002.   Includes short films:   • “Sex and Violence”   • “The Exciting Life of a Tree”   • “More Sex and violence”   • “Can’t Drag Race With Jesus”   • “Eat”   • “Parking”   • 11 Commercials and 32 flash Animations.

Bill Plympton执导,并于2001-12-01公映的电影。


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Kkibou(2010-04-03):Many ideas are nice. While some get too repeatable. Besides, It's better to make it full frame, Bill.


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