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Deer Crossing (2012)

  • 别名:Die Farm
  • 豆瓣评分: 未知
  • 导演: Christian Grillo.
  • 演员: 克里斯托弗·曼恩 / Laura L. Cottrel / K.J. Linhein
  • 类型:剧情 / 恐怖 / 犯罪
  • 语言:英语
  • 地区:美国
  • 片长:110分钟
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Deer Crossing又名Die Farm

This film is about the Walton family. The mother (Maggie) and her son (Cole) head off after saying goodbye to Cole's father only to have an accident near a country farm. They are found by a farmer called Lukas Walton who takes them to his farm and they are never seen by the father again. It's now 8 years later and the father gets a call from someone who claims to be his son Col...

发布于2012年。由Christian Grillo.执导,并且由编剧Christian Grillo携幕后团队创作。集众多位克里斯托弗·曼恩、Laura L. Cottrel、K.J. Linhein、埃涅·赫德森等著名实力派明星加盟。并于2012公映的电影。


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ONLY (2017-05-27) : 我呸!potato potato的,以为我们不认识这个单词啊,SB电影

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