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Klaxon: Mensario de Arte Moderna (1972)

  • 别名:巴西的现代艺术与达达主义
  • 豆瓣评分: 未知
  • 地区:巴西
  • 片长:未知
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《Klaxon: Mensario de Arte Moderna》在线观看和下载


Klaxon: Mensario de Arte Moderna又名巴西的现代艺术与达达主义

Any sculpture that contains moving parts. It started with the Dada artist, Marcel Duchamp, with his spinning bicycle wheel on a stool in 1913. The root of this style is connected by the interest in modern technology. Venezuelan artist Jesús Rafael Soto (Venezuela, 1923), was an innovator in the kinetic art movement in Latin America.  Monthly review of Modern Brazilian art first ...



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