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Frankenstein: Birth of a Monster (2003)

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Even 2014-03-24

Bring death to life. 1816, Summer of Darkness. Qtd. from the end of this documentary: "Byron never mentioned Percy in his verse. Without Mary's determination to establish him, it's possible that we may not know the name or work of Percy Bysshe Shelley today."

sarah 2014-02-18

hypocrites; under-5 mortality rate seems incredibly high at that time......

somnambuleNRR6 2013-02-14

不记得creature有个弟弟了 = = 还以为主线是电闪雷鸣风雨交加之夜玛丽、雪莱和拜伦三人畅谈写恐怖小说(咦,那不就成《科学怪人的新娘》开场了麼),玛丽的悲惨遭遇铸就了小说,而雪莱身后的成功也全拜她所赐,鞠三躬。