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Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America (2009)

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  • 语言:英语
  • 地区:美国
  • 片长:未知
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Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America原名:Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America,

In his first-ever HBO special, Will Ferrell reprises his hilarious Tony Award-nominated portrayal of George W. Bush, taking viewers on a semi-sentimental journey through the life, legend, and legacy of the recently unemployed 43rd U.S. President.  This acclaimed performance, captured live by HBO at Broadway"s Cort Theater, will shock and awe you into uncontrollable laughter. So ...



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6 2014-05-07


抖啊抖 2013-11-17

哈哈哈哈像!Will Ferrell这么全心全意黑小布什其实因为是真爱粉吧 Will蜀黍虽然很好笑但感觉还是更像演员 段子的好笑度主要是靠演练

老成 2013-11-02

http://www.asmou.cn/videolist-id-8081.html 看到17min

Uncle Sam 2013-10-20

Will Ferrell搞这种比拍电影有趣,虽内容不如其他单口有深度,但纯恶搞还是让我笑破肚皮

feelzero 2013-10-19

Ask not what your country can do for you but what have I done to your country? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Felicia 2010-12-22

u gonna know the american culture...otherwise you won't understand the movie...basically like a talk show

赐我一个区海文 2010-03-13

Predictable. Love the Rent joke in the beginning.