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The Worst Week of My Life (2004)

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The Worst Week of My Life

Only one week to go before the marriage of Howard and Mel which quickly escalets into the week from Hell. The series follows the bumbling Howard as his lurches from one appallingly embarrassing disaster to the next in the week leading up to his wedding.



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修拐杖 2015-08-30


你那失散多年的兄弟 2014-02-10

The jokes are a bit predictable, but still, it's always lovely to see Ben Miller being in all sorts of shit situations, just like his Dennis Lincoln-Park

sunlindl 2009-09-01


Gemma 2009-08-26

人性的伟大,什么样的父母才愿意把女儿嫁给这么个丧门星= =……我喜欢emma pierson=3= (美版其实也不错……很够衰 XD)

lanlanmac 2009-07-30

the first season is *****. enjoyed watching it. but not the 2nd season.