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BBC 英国科学 (2013)

  • 豆瓣评分: 8.8
  • 导演: Michael Lachman
  • 演员: 布莱恩·考克斯
  • 类型:纪录片
  • 语言:英语
  • 地区:英国
  • 单集片长:60分钟
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BBC 英国科学原名:BBC Science Britannica,

Science is who we are, where we come from and what happens next. But how science established itself as the way for us to understand existence and to take control of our destiny is an integral, and often overlooked part of our nation’s story.   In a new three-part series for BBC Two, Professor Brian Cox introduces Britain’s science heroes, taking us to the places they made their d...

发布于2013年。由Michael Lachman执导,集众多位布莱恩·考克斯等著名实力派明星加盟。


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Wizard 维智 (2014-01-31) : science is based on curiosity, so socity also has a responsibility to science which is to always ensure that there is space for dreamers to dream.

colin (2016-04-23) : 打着科普旗号的腐国国家宣传片!周游世界拍 wonders of xxx 系列预算不够的赶脚,拍拍腐国本土的科学家也好,只要有 brian cox 高能物理界的颜值担当作讲解怎么都够看!

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