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Jimmy Carr: Making People Laugh (2010)

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《Jimmy Carr: Making People Laugh》在线观看和下载


Jimmy Carr: Making People Laugh

Sharp-suited dead-pan funnyman Jimmy Carr returns with another live stand-up release. The award-winning comic unleashes his rapid-fire wit with over 250 jokes, featuring material too rude for television that will have you gasping and guffawing in equal measure.



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Jimmy Carr: Making People Laugh评论

陳無敵 2017-07-24

@Glasgow. 这场很多one liner&heckles comeback以前都用过&真的没有早年那些好笑. Car park=VJJ. Shit=grow a tail. Curtain twitching. Even things up karmically.

June_Cyn 2013-01-13

黄段子太多了.... 印象最深的还是他对自己笑声的形容. “If I laugh at any point in the show,it sounds like Elmo's being tickled...or a seal is being sexually molested."

Armourland 2012-06-30

Jimmy Carr的笑声真是太奇怪了~哈哈~~~