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Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes (2009)

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Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes评论

张华弥 2017-08-30

gay priests can movr wherever they want cos they are queens很多恋童癖笑话,返场八分钟是精髓immaginary friend

陳無敵 2017-07-24

Offence is not given, it's taken. 返场之后的几个笑话超级棒 Islamic cartoon=someone's imaginary friend. 这场观众好棒 那个dentist if you could be a soup hahhahaaa

Robo Captain 2016-03-21

fuck PC this is gold! 这个场子的人简直了 相亲交友以及那个十三岁的男孩子 提前约好心理医生了吗:))))

Eire 2016-02-27

True comedy master can do witty comebacks to heckles

vinniex 2009-12-22

i'v heard his spray-condom gag at least 3 times during different occations, last week on Graham Norton Show, he did it again. wtf?