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A Very English Education (2013)

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  • 导演: Hannah Berryman
  • 地区:英国
  • 上映时间:2013-10-26
  • 片长:60分钟
  • 更新时间:
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A Very English Education

The British public school is an institution renowned the world over. In 1979, the BBC made a documentary series about life inside Radley College, one of the UK's most privileged and traditional boys' boarding schools. In 2013, BBC director Hannah Berryman caught up with some of the boys who featured in the series to find out how their lives panned out after they left Radley.   As...

发布于2013年。由Hannah Berryman执导,并于2013-10-26公映的电影。


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Valerie_Cozy 0001-01-01


鱼更 0001-01-01

"At the end of the day, school is just school."

酸葡萄 0001-01-01


sarah 0001-01-01

T.Huxley: You do shut down certain aspects of your emotions and feelings. You're less open. You don't show emotion. I don't show emotion. Ppl still criticise me of that today. Boarding school makes u very independent. 是的,我也有這樣的syndrome,幼兒園+中學都boarding。。。。

Lord Haaterum 0001-01-01

Something private education shares in common

Zerook 0001-01-01

i don't show emotion. Cos it's a sign of weakness. (what would happen if you show weakness?) i suppose somebody might exploit it.

光头种果树 0001-01-01

"You deal with it by building up a camaraderie with the people around you, but at the same time, more than anything. I think you actually become quite defensive. You can't show your weakness." 某大叔对于寄宿学校的感觉,和我前两年出差所承受之苦楚滋味非常想通。

KATE 0001-01-01

2013,10,28. BBC2.