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A Sea Change (2009)

  • 豆瓣评分: 未知
  • 导演: Barbara Ettinger
  • 类型:纪录片
  • 语言:英语
  • 地区:美国
  • 片长:未知
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A Sea Change

The oceans of the world are not only important to sailors and fishermen, but to most people on earth, whether they realise it or not. A Sea Change is a poignant film which tackles the probability of a world without fish should humans continue to act and behave environmentally as we have for the past century. The feature length documentary produced by Niijii Films, premiered at ...

发布于2009年。由Barbara Ettinger执导,并于2009-03-14公映的电影。


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6363 (2011-10-07) : 我们愿意把大把的金钱花费在战争上,却不愿意拿出冰山一角来除去二氧化碳,这是让人沮丧的。但让人感动的是,善良的人一直在坚持着并为之奋斗。

逗比朱 (2012-04-29) : Wonderful movie but my limited knowledge and English understanding made me confused about it.

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