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Not Only But Always (2004)

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  • 地区:英国
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Not Only But Always

Credited as the inventors of modern British satire, this Terry Johnson film charts the searing highs and lows of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore (Rhys Ifans and Aidan McArdle), these two extraordinary and different comedians, whose careers and private lives often swung in as uncontrolled and anarchic turns as their wit. From their first meeting as Cambridge undergraduates in 1960, ...



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会飞的猫 2013-11-10

挺好的一部剧的 大概介绍了一下对讽刺喜剧比较有影响力的一对好基友 不过可能太冷门了吧 另看peter Cook的段子抑郁的时候才能笑出来 果然是给压抑的太久的英国人的么

C 2013-02-08


burglaryod 2012-09-10


gui 2010-09-25

喜欢戏中戏的设计。Rhys Ifans长得不错,尤其是拍睫毛的近镜非常像,但总觉得此人eccentric的气质多过public boy气质,deadpan和白眼多过charming。Dudley Moore完全就变成了只会泡女人的小丑嘛,完全缺乏亲和力。好吧,以上纯属粉丝心态。

已注销 2008-02-26

I find myself more of an admirer than a shipper on this, which is not exactly what I had expected. He's endearing, in every way possible!