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The Magnificent Tati (2009)

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  • 地区:英国
  • 片长:60分钟
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The Magnificent Tati

This documentary traces Jacques Tati's rise from the Parisian Music-Hall stage to his Oscar winning films of the 1950s, the documentary then explains how Tati bet all he had on his fourth film 'PlayTime' and how this mammoth film ended prematurely the career of a genius while also giving the world one of the most beautiful films ever made.



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发不沾霓 2014-12-07

一段迷上塔蒂的旅途;看着遍及全世界的塔蒂迷也是一种欣慰;Frank Black的摇滚歌曲《The Jacques Tati》

皮革业 2012-03-25

没留意Frank Black还唱过The Jacques Tati

stknight 2012-01-21

伟大的雅克·塔蒂!其实这部纪录片的内容并没有《于洛先生的足迹》丰富,不过加了很多采访内容,看在塔蒂的份上怎么也得给个四星啊。This is a film that has treated with ***** sensitivity the life work of Jacques Tati rather than the life and times of the protagonist of the piece.