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Lucy & the Limbs (2014)

  • 别名:Lucy and the Limbs
  • 豆瓣评分: 7.2
  • 导演: Edlyn Capulong
  • 语言:无对白
  • 地区:加拿大
  • 片长:2分钟
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Lucy & the Limbs原名:Lucy & the Limbs,又名Lucy and the Limbs

lucy, who lived in the pines, was once bored out of her mind.   but what she would discover, was a thing like no other;   an unexpected friend she would find.   an animated fourth year film by edlyn capulong |   ottawa international film festival 2014 | canadian student competition   varna world festival of animated film 2014 | children's film selection   s...

发布于2014年。由Edlyn Capulong执导,


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dna (2015-06-19) : 逻辑重口味,画风小清新,这不是害死人和孤魂玩的节奏么?

werwerwer (2014-12-20) :

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